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Our history

Where it all started

More than 30 years ago, the Titi Mimi adventure began with my French grandmother, Tiffany, who was passionate about crafts, especially metalwork and engraving. One day, she was inspired to design personalized keychains that represented each member of the family, so that we would always be close to her, wherever she went.

My brothers and I thought it was a great idea and we were eagerly awaiting visits to our grandmother's house to create these little keychains together, a precious moment in which we could share her passion for crafts.

Titi Mimi, today

After years of reflection and preparation, I have finally decided to create Titi Mimi in 2021, as a tribute to my grandmother and the moments we shared. In this adventure, I want to offer everyone the possibility of feeling the same joy that I feel when I have my loved ones close, wherever I am.
Today, each personalized keychain that we carefully design in our Paris workshop is not a simple object. It is a symbol of love and the unbreakable bond that unites us as family, friends and loved ones.

French crafts

We have perfected our technique using high-precision fiber lasers, ensuring that the engravings remain intact for eternity, never fading.
My grandmother, Tiffany, remains a constant source of inspiration and motivation to me, and I am proud to continue honoring her legacy through Titi Mimi.

Why Titi Mimi?

The name Titi Mimi was an obvious choice, a tender and loving tribute to my grandmother Tiffany, affectionately known as "Titi," and to us, her grandchildren, known as "Mimi."

Each Titi Mimi keychain is a small capsule of happiness, a tangible link with our loved ones, a reminder that shared moments and family bonds are the true treasures of life.